How to Root any Samsung Phones using CF Auto Root and Odin

The most trending Android Smartphone privilege these days is Root Access. Almost everyone is hustling these days to root their Android Smartphone and get more through their Smartphone. Well, it’s the most beneficiary privilege but still acquires a complex process to root Android Smartphones. It’s complex till you don’t understand the entire rooting process steadily. 

Now, there are tremendous Android Smartphone manufacturer brands, like Samsung, Nokia, Realme, Oppo, Vivo, and Google, and consequently, most of these Smartphones require different procedures to get rooted. Moreover, there are so many rooting methods too to choose the ultimate one. Fortunately, we’ve developed the ultimate guide below, based on the CF Auto Root method to root any Android Smartphone, including Samsung.

All You need now is to ride the entire below article and choose the process linked for your Android Smartphone brand to root your Smartphone handily. 

What is Root Access

Before rooting Android smartphones, first, you need to know the meaning of root access. So Fundamentally, Android is the Linux subsidiary OS and can work the same as the Linux OS to complete most tasks exceptionally. However, all the manufacturer brands have locked this feature on Smartphones, and You’re required here to enable it via rooting your Android Smartphone. 

Except that, technically, Root Access provides you the permission to execute any command and access any resource of your Smartphone. It’s a process that delivers you the access to install any third-party privileged Android applications, modify the Android applications, customize the entire interface, install the different firmware, and do many such tweaks with any of your Android smartphones. 

Why CF Auto Root?

Now, you must think that hundreds of rooting methods are developed for Android Smartphones available on the internet, so why did we create this article based on the CF Auto Root, correct? Let me solve this concern for you! Basically, CF Auto Root is a beginner-level rooting tool for Android Smartphones. It’s a tool that won’t need any somewhat complex processes to gain privileged root access on your Android device.

Additionally, the CF Auto Root also is an open-source Android Smartphone rooting method, which means that You don’t have to pay a single cent from your pocket to download and employ CF Auto Root. And Lastly, this rooting method is used in the combination of Samsung Stock Firmware to take a stock recovery image and deliver the rooting packages compatible with your device. Then finally, you gain root access and SU or SuperUser access on your Smartphone to enjoy privileges. 

Advantages of Rooting Android Smartphone

  1. Rooting Android smartphones will let you install and enjoy all the third-party Android applications available with powerful privileges.
  2. You can flash or install any Custom ROM on your Samsung Android Smartphone with the CF Auto Root. 
  3. It’ll help you flashing the Custom Recovery TWRP to enjoy lots of additional privileges.
  4. You can employ an enormous amount of after-root modules to customize and enjoy utilizing your Android Smartphone. 
  5. It enables you to install different UI firmware on your Android Smartphone. 
  6. You can uninstall all those annoying Android Applications, like the entire Google Library and Brand App Stores.
  7. Some modules will help you eliminate the Online advertisements by blocking them on your installed Android apps.
  8. You can also decrease the battery consumption of your Smartphone by using the privileged apps. 
  9. Intensify the overall gaming performance of your Smartphone using third-party restricted apps.
  10. Install all the newest updates of your System Firmware before they get launched for your Smartphone model. 

Disadvantages of Rooting Android Smartphone

  1. First of all, your device’s warranty will get voided after gaining root access.
  2. Your device can get bricked in between the process of rooting if You’re making any mistakes and leaving carefulness.
  3. It would become more accessible for hackers to hack your data.
  4. You can’t use those highly secured banking apps after rooting your Smartphone.
  5. Privileges also sometimes turn in curses, as high overclocking can lower your processor’s strength, uninstalling system apps can brick the device, and installing third-party privileged apps can deliver bugs in your device. 


Finally, we’re ready to root our Android Smartphone using the CF Auto Root method. But first of all, let’s get through the prerequisite steps and make them before starting the ultimate process – 

1. Create Complete backup – Firstly, create the entire backup of your data, including Contacts, Photos, Videos, Media files, Songs, and all the important stuff. As Rooting the Android Smartphone will format the entire data available on the device. So Must be careful and create the complete backup instantly.

2. Charge your device – After data backup, the next thing you’ll need to root your Android device is to charge your device. Yeah, It’s so much essential to charge the Smartphone at least 50-60% before starting the Root process. It’s necessary because your device can get bricked if turned off by any developer kind of process like Rooting.

3. Download the latest USB Drivers – After performing both of the above processes, You’re now required to download the latest Samsung USB Drivers on your PC. Don’t worry or hassle if you already have downloaded and installed them before for your PC. But If You still lack it, click this link below and download the Samsung USB Drivers instantly on your PC. 

4. Download CF Auto Root file – Finally, the last prerequisite step; here, you’re required to download the CF Auto Root file. As You know, CF Auto Root is the PC process, so that You’re supposed to have the root file before starting the process. You don’t need to get worried, as you only need here to check the model number of your Android Smartphone and the Android version installed on it. 

Afterward, you can visit the below link, inscribe both the crucial details on the compatible tab and click the Enter button to get the CF Auto Root file compatible with your Android Smartphone.

Methods to Root any Samsung and Other Smartphone via CF Auto Root

Finally, you’ve completed performing all the prerequisites or pre-needed steps to root the Android Smartphone using the CF Auto Root method. It means that now your route is entirely plain to gain privileged root access and enjoy all those exceptional features on your Android Smartphone without any hassle. 

Now, we’ve listed below two different methods to install root access on Android smartphones. The first process is for all the Android Smartphones except Samsung, and the second one is only for Samsung Smartphones. Choose the method as per your Smartphone brand and go on – 

1. Fastboot Method

First of all, we’ve got the Fastboot Method to gain root access on any Android Smartphone without any charges or complex processes. This process is generated for all Android Smartphones except Samsung. So If You’re having any of them, follow the below process and root your Smartphone ASAP – 

  1. Firstly, power Off your Android Smartphone.
  2. Now, reboot it by pressing and holding the Power Button with the Volume Down button till you observe a different space or Bootloader mode.
  3. After accessing the Bootloader mode, connect your Android Smartphone with a PC using the compatible USB Cable.
  4. Now, open the folder where you’ve downloaded the CF Auto Root File for your Smartphone, or download it right now.
  5. Extract the CF Auto Root ZIP file to a specific folder, and you’ll get two folders and three files from it. These three files will be, and root-windows.bat. 
  6. Here You’ve to choose the file related to your PC’s OS, like for Linux OS PC. Double Click it!
  7. Now, you can press any key from your Keyboard to start the execution of the Rooting process. You’ll see a red ANDROID logo on your PC after the process origination.
  8. Wait for the process completion and disconnect the USB Cable You’ve used to connect your Smartphone with your PC. 

Tada…! You’ve successfully gained root access on your Android Smartphone and can now enjoy any of the above-listed advantages on your Smartphone. But you must need to be careful too!

2. Odin Flash Tool Method

Hi…! to all our Samsung enthusiasts, waiting for the Odin Flash Tool method to root their Samsung Android Smartphones with the CF Auto Root method. Odin Flash tool is a legit flashing tool developed officially by the Samsung developers. And fortunately, the process won’t need you to download as you’ll get it inside the CF Auto Root ZIP. 

Again, This process is only supposed to be employed with the Samsung Android Smartphones, which means that you can brick your device while using any other Smartphone. So must be careful and start the process below – 

  1. First of all, you need to boot your Samsung Smartphone into Download mode and unlock its Bootloader. It’s a simplistic process, where you’re required to press and hold the Volume Up + Volume Down button and plug your phone concurrently with any power source. (Except that, you can also follow this link to know more methods for booting the phone into Download mode.)
  2. After Unlocking the Bootloader, connect your phone to the PC via a working USB Cable.
  3. Open the folder where you’ve downloaded the CF Auto Root ZIP file and extract it on there.
  4. Now, open the folder where you’ve extracted the CF Auto Root file and Right-Click on the Odin3-v3.X.X.exe to Run it as Administrator.
  5. Now, you’ll observe the Odin Flash Tool getting started, and soon you’ll notice the ID:COM port of ODIN turning blue. (If You do not see it happen, please check your USB Cable or reinstall the Samsung USB Drivers.)
  6. Now, tap the AP button from the right-sided sections and get to the same folder where you extracted the CF Auto Root File. Choose the CF-Auto-Root-XXX-XXX-XXX.tar.md5 file from there and click OPEN.
  7. Now, you’ll get pinged by a message on the log section stating not to deploy the CS file or Leave CS. 
  8. Finally, click the Start button placed on the beneath-most section of Odin Flash Tool. 


Now, you would have to wait for the rooting process completion, and afterward, you can unplug your Samsung Android Smartphone from your PC to start enjoying all those rooting privileges mixed up with the root access. Enjoy them all!

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