How to Install Stock Firmware on Samsung Phone using Odin Tool

Samsung is the new letter about to get used to the term Future. It can be declared as the synonym of Future, as we’ve seen lots of technological advancements manufactured by Samsung. Being ready is what you’ll oblige every day when using the Samsung device, as they launch the newest virtual and hardware services almost every day.

Apart from the other intelligent devices, they’ve focused mainly on Android Smartphones and developed almost all kinds of Android devices, including the Smartest S series, the millennial M series, and the Alpha A series.

These categories work the same as the genres work in categorizing the different games. So In simple words, Samsung is the most prestigious manufacturer brand among all its competitors.

Inside the newest technologies, there are tremendous dark ones related to the rooting procedures, Custom ROMs, and many more things, which is damn cool.

But many times, the enthusiasts get bored while practicing all these processes and want to get back to the origin firmware or the Stock Firmware

Consequently, the new procedures are always complex, and that’s why we’ve designed this entire article based on the Stock Firmware flashing process for the Samsung Smartphones via the handiest Odin method.

So Let’s not waste a single additional minute and get straight toward the Stock Firmware. 

What is Stock Firmware?

As we told you above, Stock Firmware is simply the origin firmware you get pre-installed on every Android Smartphone, then either if it’s Samsung, Blackberry, iPhone, or any other Smartphone.

In Other words, Stock Firmware is the official or the legit firmware developed by the official manufacturer brand with all the legit procedures and exceptional benefits presented inside it. You’ll need this thing every time while you want to get back on the very first space of your Smartphone.

Why do we need Stock Firmware?

Basically, There are tremendous places where we need the Stock Firmware, and the first thing we’re publishing here is the bricking of Samsung Android smartphones.

Suppose that you’ve followed the wrong procedure when rooting your Android Smartphone. In that case, you’ll have to download a brand new Stock firmware file to flash on your Android Smartphone to take it back to its original condition.

Except that, there are many other features too related with the Stock Firmware – 

  • Firstly, you can flash the Stock Firmware on your Samsung Smartphone to get rid of that Bootloop issue.
  • Stock Firmware will be required when you feel bored of using the rooted firmware or any Custom ROM to get it back in the official position. 
  • Numerous issues get formed within the Android Smartphones, which ask to flash a Stock Firmware.
  • The Custom TWRP Recovery is not that stable, and that’s why everyone loves the Stock Firmware.

Advantages of installing Stock Firmware

  • First of all, Stock Firmware is the official firmware of your Android Smartphone, developed officially by the manufacturer brand.
  • Stock Firmware is the most stable firmware compatible with your Smartphone model.
  • While having a Stock ROM installed on your Samsung Smartphone, you can enjoy the perfect utilization of every privilege without annoying bugs.
  • Stock Firmware won’t possess any Bootloop or warranty voiding kind of troubles.
  • You can install any Android application, including those highly secured banking apps, which won’t work on Custom ROMs.
  • You’ll observe the better performance on your Smartphone after installing the Stock ROM, unlike those laggy Custom ones.
  • Receive all the OTA updates from the Samsung developers after installing Stock ROM on your device.
  • You’ll get complete manufacturer support, if you haven’t unlocked the Bootloader and installing Stock Firmware.
  • Stock Firmware is easy to flash as all you need here is a simplistic tool named Odin Flash Tool, and afterward, you can follow the below process.

Steps to Install Stock Firmware on Samsung Phone using Odin Tool

Finally, you’ve gathered a complete understanding of the Stock Firmware, and now we’re ready to flash the Stock Firmware on our Samsung Android Smartphones.

Again, this process is only compatible with the Samsung manufacturer brand Smartphones, so if you’re using any other Smartphone, please stop here and search for different procedures for your device; otherwise, it can get bricked! Let’s GO!


  • Flashing the newest firmware would be the process of getting your Android Smartphone on the latest origin or the official condition. So Literally, It’ll affect all your data and format your Android Smartphone entirely. So Must create the complete backup of all your important data before going onwards for installing the Stock Firmware on your Samsung Android device, including photos, videos, contacts, and all that stuff. 
  • After backing up all the data, now you’re required to charge your Android Smartphone to 50-60%. Powering up smartphones would be the most critical part of the entire procedure since if your Smartphone will get powered off in-between the process, You’re going to get stuck in the most significant problem ever. It can get bricked in-between processes if having no battery life!

1. Download Compatible Stock Firmware

Okay, So After going through both of the above prerequisites, You have to go forward towards the exact process of installing or flashing the Stock Firmware on the Android Smartphone. So the first step would constantly be downloading the Stock Firmware version compatible with your Samsung Android Smartphone model.

Well, tremendous unofficial websites are offering you the free Stock Firmware, but consequently, they place the speed caps and tend you’re downloading to take more than 2-3 days. You can also pay for their premium subscription, but except that, We’ll recommend the Frija Firmware downloader tool. 

It’s a simplistic firmware downloader tool, where you can download the Stock Firmware for any of your Samsung smartphones with fast downloading speed. Moreover, It possesses the official servers, so that you’ll download the firmware officially designed by the Samsung developers.

To get a detailed process of downloading the Stock Firmware from Frija Tool, you can go through this link – How to download Stock Firmware from Frija Downloader tool.

2. Enable USB Debugging on Developer Options

As of now, you’ve gone through all those prerequisites and also downloaded the required Stock Firmware file. All you need now is to make some alterations to your Android Smartphones.

These alterations would comprise enabling a single developer option named USB Debugging. You’ll require this option enabled to connect your Samsung Smartphone with a PC as a flashing device. 

It’s time to follow the below process and enable USB Debugging ASAP – 

  1. Open the Settings app on your Samsung Android Smartphone.
  2. Find the About Phone Section and tap it ASAP.
  3. Search for the Build Number listed on the About Phone’s insider menu.
  4. Now, Hit this Build Number 6-7 times repeatedly till you won’t get pinged with a small dark prompt notification saying Developer Options Enabled.
  5. After successfully enabling the Developer Options, get back to the main Settings menu.
  6. Locate the Developer Options tab listed on the Settings menu.
  7. Open those Developer Options and search for the USB Debugging toggle.
  8. Tap the toggle placed right to the USB Debugging and hit the Enable button on the subsequent notification window. 

That’s it! Now, you’ve enabled the Developer Options, and you’re done with all those Smartphone alterations. 

3. Install the latest Samsung USB Drivers on your PC

Samsung USB Drivers would be the following most-required tool for completing the Stock Firmware installation process. Fundamentally, If you’re connecting any different device to your PC, firstly, your PC needs its drivers to communicate with that device authentically and create a non-error connection. 

Consequently, you’ll need to install these Samsung USB Drivers on your PC before installing the Stock Firmware on your Samsung Smartphone or connecting it with your PC. So Don’t be alarmed as it’s just a simplistic process, and these Samsung Drivers will get installed on your PC with the default process of how you install all other apps. 

Just click the below link, and you’ll naturally get redirected to the official download page of the Samsung USB Drivers. Download the latest ones and start the below process ASAP – 

4. Download and Install Odin Flash Tool

Right now, we’ve completed all our orbs related to the Stock Firmware flashing process, and we’re ready to install it conveniently on our Samsung Android Smartphones. All remaining is the essential tool used to flash the Stock Firmware on the Samsung Smartphone. Introducing the Odin Flash Tool.

Odin Flash Tool is the official tool used by the Samsung official developers to flash the Stock Firmware and eliminate most of the issues coming between the process. Moreover, You can also employ this tool to root your Smartphone, install Custom ROMs, install TWRP Custom Recovery, and perform many of the backside processes with Samsung Smartphones authentically.

So, first of all, Hit the below link, and you’ll automatically get redirected to the download page of Odin Flash Tool. Afterward, you’ve to place it inside a specific folder and unzip it to get the Odin.exe software.

Additionally, you can also go through the homepage of this website, based entirely on the Odin Flash Tool features, installation process, and the application, to get a detailed view of it.

5. Boot your Samsung Smartphone in Download mode

Now, you can’t install any developer stuff on your Smartphone on the default mode, and that’s why Samsung has developed the Download Mode within the device.

Possibly you haven’t seen that space yet, or most of the techies must know about the Download mode. It’s a different space of the same device, used to wipe the cache files, wipe partitions and install Stock ROMs. 

Moreover, It’s damn handy to reboot Samsung Smartphone in the Download mode; just follow the below process and observe the magic – 

  1. First of all, Long Press your Samsung Smartphone’s Power button.
  2. Now, choose the Shut-Down or Power Off tab from the list.
  3. After observing the perfect shut down, follow the below steps as your device’s generation to reboot it in download mode – 

For old Samsung Smartphones with middle Home button – 

  • Reboot your Smartphone while pressing the Power button + Home button + Volume Down button together.

For new Samsung Smartphone without Home button – 

  • Reboot your Samsung Smartphone while pressing Power Button and Volume Down button together.

For new Samsung Smartphone with Bixby button – 

  • Reboot your Samsung Smartphone while pressing Power Button + Bixby Button + Volume Down button together.

Now, you’ll observe the blue screen with the biggest nametag, showing Download Mode. If it’s the same as we’re saying, you can go on for the below process; otherwise, try opening download mode again.

6. Install Stock Firmware using Odin Flash Tool

Ultimately, we’ve done all our orbs and are all set to install the Stock Firmware on our Samsung Smartphone using Odin Flash Tool.

Again, you’ve got the last chance to get the backup of all your essential data. Otherwise, your entire data will get cleared, and even the brand manufacturers won’t help you get it back on any case.

Let’s get to the final road and win this race – 

  1. Move the official firmware you’ve downloaded through the above step to a specific folder.
  2. Remember, this Stock Firmware will get downloaded on the ZIP file format, and you’ll be required now to unzip it on the same specific folder using the WINRAR or WINZIP tool.
  3. After extracting all the files, Connect your Samsung Smartphone with your PC using a working USB Cable. (Your device is required here to be in the Download mode.)
  4. Open the folder where you’ve extracted the ODIN flies and open the Odin.exe app from there.
  5. After having your Samsung Smartphone successfully connected with PC, you can verify its connection by observing the blue light on the COM Port of ODIN Flash Tool. If It’s blinking, you can go on, or otherwise, you need to install the Samsung USB Drivers once again and check your USB Data Cable.
  6. After successful verification, click the AP button on the right-sided portion, and select the location of the AP extension firmware .tar file.
  7. Choose the same files for all the same extensions similarly, for BL, CP, CSC.
  8. Remember that the regular CSC file will format your entire data. So If You want to save your data, please select the ‘HOME_CSC’ file.
  9. Now get to the left-positioned space and Select the Options menu.
  10. Enable the Auto Reboot and F.Reset Time toggle on the Options menu, as shown in the below image.
  11. Finally, Hit the Start button placed on the lower section of the Odin Flash Tool.
  12. Wait for the process completion, and you’ll naturally get pinged with the PASS green message on the screen.

Wrapping Up

Conclusively, you’ve installed or flashed the Stock Firmware on your Samsung Android Smartphone with the official version compatible with your Android Smartphone.

Now, you can go on with this process in every scenario where you’ll need to flash Stock Firmware on the Samsung Android Smartphones.

It’s the most straightforward and futuristic method and requires almost no hassle! Enjoy tweaking!

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