How to Install Android 11 (OneUI 3.0) on any Samsung Phone via Odin

Upgrading with the new technologies, advancements, and stuff is the most intelligent thinking that most tech enthusiasts have inside their minds. Technology is daily evolving, only to provide us the ease of accessing the powerful stuff on the Internet and from out of the world.

Recently Apple has covered the Satellite network system in its new Smartphone, and Samsung is also innovating tremendous technologies for manufacturing the Fold series.

Except that all, the Android OS is also getting upgraded with colossal newest innovations that we needed recently. A few months ago, Google informed us about launching the Android 12, where numerous Samsung users find legit ways to install Android 11 on their Samsung mobiles.

If you’re also a techie, aspiring for all those newest tech innovations made available within the Android 11(OneUI 3.0), then you must need to read this article below – 

Why Upgrade and Install Android 11 on Samsung Android Device

Upgrading is the new lifestyle of the technological guys. We can’t basically live without the enhancements in our lives, whether it’s about that AI Vaccum Cleaners or Android 11.

We are all the speed aspirers and the performance seekers, and consequently, Google has developed Android 11 by adding the most innovative technologies.

It’s just like that after knowing about the features of Android 11; You can’t resist getting switched to it. If you think why Android 11; let me unfold some of the most extraordinary things I’ve observed inside the new Android 11 (OneUI 3.0): 

  • Enhanced Voice Control and efficiency of the Google Assistant.
  • Enhanced performance within the convenient interface. 
  • Easy configuration of the entire tab or button sensitivity.
  • Modified location access.
  • Smoothest and fastest new updates.
  • Diversity of the Dark modes.
  • Intensified Device security with Payment Security.

Apart from these 7 top features, there is an overabundance of privileges observed within Android 11(OneUI 3.0). Moreover, The Android 11 is launched ultimately now, which means anyone can download and flash it on their Android Smartphones.

Today, We’re delivering here the upgrading process of Android 11 only for the Samsung Smartphones. So let’s not waste more time and start getting upgraded. 

Steps to Install Android 11 (OneUI 3.0) on any Samsung Device via Odin

Now, after knowing these many details about the Android 11, We know that you can’t hold yourself at any cost from downloading and installing the Android 11 on your Samsung Smartphone.

Consequently, We’re here with the entirely convenient process below to install Android 11(OneUI 3.0) on the Samsung Android Smartphones. 

It’s a handy process, but still, you need to be careful about it all and must go on as the procedure follows. First, Let’s have some prerequisites or prior steps:


1. Charge your Phone: Before making any single step towards the Android 11 installation, please charge your Samsung device first by at least 50-60%.

It’s mandatory to charge your device this much, as a shut-down between processes can brick your Smartphone. So Please charge your device first by at least 50-60%.

2. Create a Backup of your Data: As of now, You’ve completed charging your device, and consequently, you need one more step before starting the installation of Android 11.

Back up your data! Data is essential, and installing a new OS version on a device means that you’re indirectly formatting your device. So please don’t take any risk of data and create the perfect backup of your entire data, including the pictures, videos, contacts, messages, and call logs.

Step 1: Download the Android 11 (OneUI 3.0) Compatible File

Now, let’s unfold the entire process of installing Android 11 on Samsung smartphones sharply. First of all, You require the most crucial stuff before getting your device ready.

Yeah, it’s Android 11 (OneUI 3.0) ROM. Now, You’ve to download the Android 11 ROM, compatible with your Android Smartphone’s model, region, and encoder. Well, there are hundreds of ways to download this ROM, but we’ll recommend you to use the Frija Firmware downloader tool.

In my view, it’s the most excellent tool, as it won’t take hundreds of hours to download a single stock firmware and consequently offers a convenient interface. So stop using those slow redirecting websites and read the below guide to download Android 11 (OneUI 3.0) on your PC. 

Step 2: Extract the Downloaded Android 11 ROM

Finally, you’ve downloaded the Android 11 ROM to flash on your Samsung Smartphone using the Odin Flash Tool. But before that, You need all the important files available inside the firmware, including the AP file, BL file, CSC file, and others.

So you’re supposed now to extract this ROM and take out all the required files from Android 11. Just follow the below process to make that: 

  1. Firstly, download any ZIP file extractor, like WinRAR or WinZIP.
  2. Now, create a new folder named Android 11 on the Desktop for the sake of convenience.
  3. Find the Android 11 ROM you downloaded recently and Right-Click it.
  4. Load the address of that new Android 11 folder and extract it there.  

Now, you’ll observe all those critical file partitions required inside the Odin Flash Tool to flash the Android 11 (OneUI 3.0) on your Samsung Phone. Let’s now get towards the next step:

Step 3: Boot your Samsung Phone into Download Mode

Get ready for the final moments, but before that, boot your Samsung Smartphone into Download mode. If you don’t know, the Download mode is simply a kind of mode on your Samsung Smartphone required to be booted while flashing any Stock ROM, Custom ROM, or even the newest Android 11 (OneUI 3.0).

Moreover, It’s not a complex process to boot Samsung smartphones into Download mode. All you’ll need here is to press and hold the Volume Up and Volume Down buttons and connect your device to any power source simultaneously.

It’ll soon boot your phone into Download mode. Conversely, If you’re still not seeing the Download mode, you can go through the below guide we’ve solely developed on all the ways you can boot your Samsung Smartphone to the Download mode. 

Step 4: Download and Install Latest Odin Flash Tool on PC

Odin flash tool is the legit flashing tool used for all the Samsung Android Smartphones. It was developed by the official Samsung developers and employed by all the authorized Samsung service centers when you provide your Smartphone to them.

Accordingly, you won’t need to be worried about using the Odin flash tool to install Android 11 (OneUI 3.0) on your Smartphone. Further, the downloading process of the Odin flash tool is also the handiest one, and even this entire website is based on the Odin flash tool.

So you’ll get the download links for all your favorite versions of the Odin flash tool. You can also download the latest one and get any of them through the below link. Just click it and get redirected towards the Odin flash tool. 

Step 5: Install Android 11 (OneUI 3.0) on Samsung Device using Odin

Presently, you’ve worked on all your chores and completed them all required before installing the Android 11 (OneUI 3.0) on your Samsung Smartphone.

So you must know what would be the following process according to this guide? Yeah, it’s the final step, Installing Android 11 (OneUI 3.0) on the Samsung Smartphone. 

Finally, you have to deal with the last steps provided below and be 100% careful while following them all. Let’s end this:

  1. Connect your Samsung device with your PC while booted in Download mode.
  2. Now, open the folder where you’ve downloaded and extracted the Odin ZIP file.
  3. Double click the Odin.exe file to launch the Odin Flash Tool.
  4. Observe the ID:COM port of the Odin Flash tool getting blued to verify the device connectivity with the PC. (If you don’t see this blue light, try using a different USB cable and updating the Samsung USB drivers present on your PC.)
  5. Now, click the right-positioned AP tab and load the address of the AP file extracted from the Android 11 (OneUI 3.0) you’ve extracted in the second step. 
  6. Do the same process and load the address of all the essential files, like BL, CP, and CSC.
  7. Note that you’ve to select the Home_CSC file at the CSC tab, not the main CSC file.
  8. After adding all these files to the Odin Flash tool, Get on the left-sided Options tab, and click it.  
  9. Now, from all the listed checkboxes, enable the Auto Reboot and the F.Reset Time.
  10. Lastly, Press the Start button positioned on the beneath-most section of Odin Flash Tool.
  11. Wait for the process’s completion, and you’ll soon observe a green-colored PASS message on the Odin window.
  12. Unplug your phone from the PC.


That’s it! Finally, you’ve completed the process of installing Android 11 (OneUI 3.0). You’re ready now to enjoy all the privileges and features packed within the Android 11 interface.

Moreover, if you’re still having any queries in your mind, then please comment on them all below!

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