Flash Magisk_Patched.tar file using Odin [Comprehensive Guide]

Gaining root access on Android Smartphones is everyone’s first dream these days, as root access is something after which you can access most of the privileged corners of your Smartphone without any prohibition.

However, there are a plethora of methods to gain root access on Android smartphones comfortably, like via the TWRP recovery method and without using the TWRP recovery method.

Still, tremendous guys employ the second method to enhance the level of simplicity and gain root access without any additional protocol. It’s mild, but if you’re using the complex Samsung Smartphones, you’ll feel a bit challenged between gaining root access.

Yeah, It won’t be that easy to get the Magisk root access on Samsung Android Smartphones since you need to make numerous steps before. 

Despite that, we’ve taken the entire responsibility of helping you with all your desired tweaky chores with the Samsung Android Smartphones and Odin Flash Tool.

That’s why we’re publishing this article solely based on the procedure to gain root access on Samsung Smartphone via magisk_patched.tar, or in other words, flashing magisk_patched.tar (patched Samsung AP file) using Odin Flash Tool. 

What is Magisk_Patched.tar (patched Samsung AP file)?

If you’re an actual techie enthusiast and know everything about the Root access and the smartphone rooting process, you must know about the Magisk App or Magisk Manager.

Even if you don’t, It’s one of the most innovative and convenient rooting methods for Android Smartphones. Moreover, it delivers all the classic modules to help the enthusiasts enjoy all their favorite customizations and upgrades as they want.

Despite a convenient process to gain root access while employing the Magisk method, it involves a bit complex steps to root using Magisk while having a Samsung Android Smartphone.

In the case of Samsung phones, you’ll be required first to download the firmware, check for Ramdisk, patch that downloaded firmware’s AP file, and then flash it using the Samsung Odin Tool. So the magisk_patched.tar file is the same patched Samsung Stock firmware’s AP file with the Magisk tool, and not much.

Now, you know about the magisk_patched.tar, and it’s just a part that we would employ to Root Android smartphones via Magisk.

Let’s find out some exceptional advantages you’ll get after flashing this patched Samsung AP file on your Samsung Smartphone:

Advantages Of Rooting Samsung Phone with Magisk

  • Firstly, you’ll get rewarded with tremendous Magisk modules, which are the apps kind of files offering you a plethora of customization privileges on UI and many more system benefits.
  • You can download and install any third-party privileged Android application after flashing that magisk_patched.tar file.
  • Some third-party apps will provide you access to overclock your Smartphone’s processor and play games without any system lag.
  • You can modify many Android apps and games with the ultimate premium privileges by using third-party apps like Lucky Patcher.
  • You can install or flash any Custom ROM on your Samsung Smartphone without any hassle.
  • It’ll become easier to get the system updates priorly before launch for your Smartphone model.
  • Download and enjoy any other UI or firmware like Stock, ColorOS, MIUI, and OxygenOS on your Samsung Smartphone. 

Steps to Flash magisk_patched.tar (patched Samsung AP file) via Odin

If you’re ready to get started with flashing the magisk_patched.tar on your Samsung Smartphone or root your Smartphone, then let’s not waste more moments and start with the below prerequisites.


1. Backup your Essential Data: Flashing the magisk_patched.tar or rooting your Samsung Smartphone means that you’re formatting your Android Smartphone and all the data available inside it.

It means that you have first to create the perfect backup of all your important data before the flashing process. So please use any means, Cloud or External Storage, and create a backup of all your data available on the phone, including contacts, pictures, videos, and many more.

2. Charge your Phone: After having the backup stored on your drive, you’ll have to charge your Android Smartphone at least 50-60%. It’s because interruptions like shut-downs during the rooting process can brick your Smartphone. So please be careful and charge it at least 50-60%.

3. Unlock Bootloader of your Smartphone: You’re all well known and must know that it’s essential to unlock the Bootloader of your Smartphone before gaining root access to it via any method.

So must unlock the Bootloader first, and if you don’t know much about the process, then you can click on the below link and get that entirely in a simplistic way:

Now, get ready for the steps to flash the magisk_patched.tar file on your Samsung Smartphone – 

Step 1: Download and Open Odin Flash Tool

First thing first, you’ll need the Samsung Odin Tool named software installed on your PC before getting started. For beginners, Odin Flash Tool is just a flashing tool developed only for Samsung Android Smartphones.

It’s a legit tool developed by the official brand and also used by the authorized service centers. So don’t worry about the officiality or any future problems.

You’re supposed now to download and extract the Odin Tool on your PC, which would be the most convenient step of the entire process.

All you need is to click the below link, and afterward, you’ll get redirected to an official page, where you can download any version of the Odin Flash tool from the latest one to the oldest one.

Moreover, you can also comprehend the entire process of extracting it.

Step: 2 Check Availability Of Ramdisk

After downloading and extracting the Odin Flash Tool successfully, you’ll be required to check the Ramdisk on your Smartphone.

Fundamentally, our Smartphone’s storage is divided into colossal partitions, which keep control of every process and function working on the Smartphone. Likewise, Ramdisk is also a tiny partition image, available in some smartphones, which gets read-only while booting the kernel.

Now, for checking the Ramdisk availability, you would have to download Magisk App from the link below and install the same on your Android Smartphone.

Afterward, you’ll have to open it and check for YES or NO on the Ramdisk section. Must remember the Ramdisk availability detail, as it would be required at the end of the process.

Step: 3 Download Compatible Samsung Stock Firmware

As of now, you’ve completed downloading and installing Odin and now require the partition, ROM, or firmware to flash using it. You would need a perfectly compatible Stock ROM for your Android Smartphone to patch its AP file and create magisk_patched.tar. Hence, you have to find and download it first.

Now, there are hundreds of ways to download the stock firmware compatible with your Samsung Android Smartphone, but we would recommend you the Frija Firmware tool.

Basically, Frija is the most convenient way that offers you the legit Samsung Stock ROM and the fastest downloading speed without any in-app payment. Just click the below link, and there is the guide based on finding and downloading compatible Stock Firmware using the Frija Firmware tool.

Step: 4 Extract Downloaded Stock Firmware

As of now, you’ve successfully downloaded the Stock Firmware compatible with your Android Smartphone using the Frija Firmware tool. So You must know what you need to process now!

Yeah, I’m talking about extracting and patching the AP file. So firstly, you’ll be deemed to download any ZIP file extractor, as the recently downloaded stock firmware is zipped and needs an extractor to get accessed. Just follow the below process and ride in:

  1. Firstly, download the extractor tool, like WinZIP and WinRAR.
  2. Now, install this extractor tool ASAP on your PC.
  3. Open the folder where you’ve downloaded the Stock Firmware, and Right-Click on that Firmware file.
  4. Click the Extract here button if you already have created a separate folder to store this firmware.
  5. Or if not, you can create a new folder named Firmware on Desktop, just for the sake of convenience.

Step: 5 Patch AP file of firmware using Magisk to Acquire magisk_patched.tar

Finally, the extraction process will get started, and soon you’ll observe five partitions of the Stock firmware at the location where you’ve extracted it.

Now, you need to choose and patch the AP file from the list. So you would be required now to go through the entire below steps one by one carefully and consequently patch the AP file using Magisk App.

  1. Firstly, copy the AP file to your Android Smartphone from your PC using FTP USB data cable or wireless sharing.
  2. Afterward, download and Install the Magisk App on your Smartphone through the below download link.
  3. Now, open the Magisk App that you installed in the previous step.
  4. Hit the Install button next to the Magisk tab.
  5. Choose Select and Patch a file tab and locate the folder where you’ve copied the AP file from the last steps.
  6. Lastly, hit the Let’s Go button located at the top-right corner section of the Magisk App.

Wait for a few more seconds, and the firmware’s AP file will get patched. You’ll observe the running process and later the notification for the creation of the magisk_patched.tar file.

Now, you have to copy this .tar file to your PC on the same folder where you’ve extracted the Stock Firmware of your Samsung Smartphone, with those BL, CSC, and all other files.

Step: 6 Boot your Smartphone into Download Mode

Finally, the moment has come when you’re supposed to make your Samsung Smartphone ready for getting installed with the magisk_patched.tar file, making a Smartphone ready means that you have to reboot your phone into Download mode.

If you’re not aware of the Download mode, it’s a distinct mode of Samsung Smartphones that people boot to flash the stock or custom firmware.

Now, if you don’t know the process of booting Samsung Smartphones into Download mode, you can refer to the link below where we’ve created a sole article based on booting Samsung Smartphones to Download mode.

Step: 7 Flash magisk_patched.tar using Odin Tool

Time to exit this process terminal by covering all the final steps of flashing magisk_patched.tar on a Samsung Android Smartphone via Odin Flash Tool. Let’s end it together by following the below final steps – 

  1. Firstly, copy the magisk_patched.tar file from your Smartphone to the PC to the same folder where you’ve moved all other firmware partitions, like AP, BL, and CSC, if you haven’t copied it yet.
  2. Connect your Samsung Android Smartphone with your PC using a working and compatible USB data cable while booted in Download mode.
  3. Open the folder where you’ve extracted the Odin tool zipped file, and double-click(open) the Odin.exe file.
  4. Verify the connection between your Smartphone and PC by observing the ID:COM port glimmering with a blue light on the Odin page.
  5. If the ID:COM port isn’t glowing, then you would be required to check your USB cable and update Samsung USB drivers on your PC to solve this problem.
  6. Afterward, fill all the partition boxes with genuine partitions, start with tapping the BL button and loading the BL partition file.
  7. Now, tap the AP button and load here the magisk_pathced.tar file that you’ve patched and copied through your Smartphone.
  8. Click the CP button and load the address of the CP file.
  9. Lastly, click the CSC button and upload the normal CSC file from the partition folder. (Again, you’ve to put in the standard CSC file, not that Home_CSC file.)
  10. After successfully filling all the partitions on the Odin Flash tool, you’ll have to click on the Options tab located in the top-left corner of the Odin screen. 
  11. Uncheck the Auto Reboot option there if already been checked. 
  12. Finally, hit the Start button on the beneath-most section of the Odin Flash tool. 
  13. Wait for a few minutes, and you’ll observe a green-colored PASS message on the Odin screen stating that the process is completed successfully, and now you can unplug your device. 

That’s it! you finally have flashed the magisk_patched.tar file on your Samsung Android Smartphone and can now reboot your Smartphone in the regular mode to enjoy all the fantastic privileges offered by Magisk modules.

Still, if you’re getting any queries, then you can comment on them below.

Have an enthusiastic day!!

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