How to Boot any Samsung Devices into Download Mode

In the breathtaking series of Odin Flash Tool, the next section we’ve developed here is to acknowledge you entirely about the process of booting Samsung Android devices into Download Mode. You must have got annoyed seeking the process of booting into Download mode, as we need our Samsung device in this mode several times while performing the classic tweaks.

There are enormous tweaks where you’ll be asked to boot your Samsung Android Smartphone into the Download mode, but most websites have partially provided the procedure understanding. Fortunately, We’re here to make you front of the entire legit process and some relatives to make the process more simplistic. So let’s not waste more time and first get the complete perception of the Download Mode on Samsung Android Smartphones.

What is Download Mode on Samsung Smartphones

If you’re a tweaky enthusiast and use Android Smartphones to freak yourself out, You must have heard this word before; Download Mode!

Even if you don’t know about it, it’s the fastboot or downloading mode developed inside all Samsung Android Smartphones. Now, you must be thinking how my Lenovo phone has Fastboot mode, and Samsung offers Download mode, right?

Fundamentally, the working process is entirely the same; the only different stuff is the name here on many manufacturer brands like Samsung, Nokia, and LG.

Consequently, The commands would also be varied as you’re performing the process in a distinct Smartphone brand, embedded with a separate mode. Now, you know the meaning of Download mode but still lack the details about the requirement for Download mode.

Let’s get more inside:

Why Reboot Samsung Smartphones on Download Mode

Android smartphones are the most ingenious gadgets around the globe, and that’s why there are tremendous hidden benefits available within these gadgets you haven’t heard about yet.

The simplistic, general, and primary tasks are accessible, like employing Android applications, downloading, and installing third-party applications. But, If You want to enjoy the dark side, You need to access a different mode on your Samsung Smartphone.

Here comes the Download Mode! You must have heard the Fastboot and ADB mode in most smartphones, and likewise, Samsung contains Download Mode.

Now the question is why or when to reboot Samsung Smartphone in Download Mode, right? So here below are the legit processes where you’ll need to access this mode –

  • Flashing the Stock ROMs on Smartphones using Odin.
  • Installing the Application Packages,
  • Installing the Custom Kernels on Samsung Smartphone.
  • Flashing Custom Recovery on Samsung Smartphone
  • Flashing the Custom Firmware.

So now, if you want to perform any of the above processes, You’ll need to access the Download Mode on your Samsung Smartphone.

Ways to Reboot Samsung Android Smartphone on Download mode

Now, there are three different ways to boot Samsung smartphones in the Download Mode. We’ve described below all these three modes with the genuine process in damn simplistic words.

Here, you’ll find both kinds of methods, direct via Android Smartphone and by connecting Smartphone with the PC. So choose your desired one and get started ASAP!

1. Through Download Key Combinations

The first method here is the most convenient and accessible one. All you need here is your Android Smartphone and nothing apart from that.

It’s the process to be done via the hardware keys of your Samsung Smartphone, and we all know that Samsung has manufactured so many types of Smartphones, right?

So choose one of the below procedures as per your Smartphone, and boot your device to Download Mode –

Samsung Old Smartphones with Home Key

If you’re using the Old Samsung Smartphones or any new one having the Home Key installed below the screen like the one below image, You need to follow the below procedure:

  1. Power off your Samsung Smartphone.
  2. After successful shutdown, boot it back, but by pressing the Home + Volume Down + Power keys together for a few seconds.
  3. After observing the blue screen, press the Volume Up button to get booted into Download Mode.

Samsung New Smartphones without Home Key

If you have got a new Samsung Smartphone having no Home Key installed below the screen, like the Samsung M series right now, You’ll need to follow the below procedure to boot into Download Mode:

  1. Turn off your Samsung Smartphone.
  2. Now, Reboot it back by long-pressing the Volume Up + Volume Down + Power buttons concurrently for a few seconds.
  3. Release these keys after seeing a blue screen, and here you have got the Download Mode.

Samsung New Smartphones with Bixby button and Power button

You must have seen lots of newly designed Samsung Android Smartphones with the three different hardware button sets, Power, Volume, and the new Bixby. If you’re also using such a Bixby Smartphone, follow the below procedure and boot it into Download Mode:

  1. Hold the Power button and turn off your Smartphone.
  2. Now, Turn it ON back by pressing Volume Down + Bixby + Power keys together for a few seconds.
  3. After seeing the blue screen, release the buttons and press the Volume Up button to get inside the Download Mode.

Samsung New Smartphones with unitedly merged Bixby and Power button

However, so many Samsung devices are built with the altogether merged Power button and the Bixby button. You’ll see this setup in Smartphones like Samsung Galaxy Z Flip and many different Smartphones. Follow the below process if you got one of them:

  1. Turn off your Samsung Smartphone.
  2. Long-Press the Power button and Volume Up button simultaneously for a few seconds.
  3. Now you’ll observe the same recovery menu as you’ve seen in most of your different brand phones, Recovery Mode.
  4. Use the Volume Up and Volume Down buttons to navigate the Recovery Menu.
  5. Press the Volume Down button repeatedly to navigate on and highlight the Reboot to Bootloader tab.
  6. Now, Press the Power button to boot your phone into Download Mode.

Samsung’s Recently Launched S-series Smartphones

There are so many newly launched Samsung Smartphones that don’t get booted in the Download Mode by the above processes, as Samsung is changing or advancing the procedure with the gigantic generations. So if you’re facing the same problem with your new Samsung S series phones, you can go through the below process:

  1. Power Off your Samsung Smartphone.
  2. Now, Connect your Samsung device with your PC using the compatible USB Cable.
  3. After successfully observing the Charging animation, press and hold the Volume UP + Power keys for a few seconds.
  4. Release it after perceiving your device getting booted into Android Recovery mode.
  5. Same as the above procedure, press the Volume Up and Volume Down button to navigate the highlight bar on the Reboot to Bootloader tab.
  6. Press the Power button ASAP, and soon your device will get booted into Download Mode.

Using Simple Combination Of Volume Keys Only

Suppose, You’re facing problems in the above procedures or having some functionality issues on the Power Key of your Samsung Smartphone. In that case, you can follow the below procedure requiring only the Volume Keys:

  1. Turn off your device first.
  2. Now Hold the Volume Up + Volume Down key until the below step.
  3. Directly, Connect your Samsung Smartphone with any Power Source, like a Charger or PC, while holding the above key combination.
  4. Soon you’ll see a reboot on your Samsung Smartphone to the Download Mode. Now You can disconnect your phone from that Power Source!

2. Samsung Download Mode via ADB Command

After successfully knowing about the Hardware key combination process, You’re ready to face the more simplistic approach. Here the below process will need you to connect your Android Smartphone with your PC.

The best part here is that you won’t need to press any hardware key for booting your Samsung Smartphone into Download mode while practicing the ADB Commands.

First of all, You’ll be required to enable the USB Debugging on your Smartphone via following the below process:

  • Firstly, Open the Settings app on your Samsung phone.
  • Now, Find and click the About Phone tab.
  • Please search for the Build Number on the screen and tap it repeatedly 7 times.
  • Soon, You’ll get prompted by the small notification stating Developer Options enabled.
  • Now, Get back to the Settings app and search for the newly originated Developer Options tab there. Open it!
  • Now, Scroll down and Search for the USB Debugging developer option.
  • Click on the checkbox next to the USB Debugging and click Enable on the next prompt.

That’s it! You’ve successfully enabled the USB Debugging on your Samsung Android Smartphone.

Except that, You’ll have to download the latest version of Samsung USB Drivers within the ADB Tool via the above download links and install them to the same folder following the below procedure:

  1. First of all, Download both the important stuff from the above download links.
  2. Move both of these downloaded files to a specified folder, or create a new ADB folder on Desktop.
  3. Now, Extract the ADB Tool zipped file from the same folder.
  4. Install all the latest Samsung USB Drivers on your PC.
  5. Now, Open the same specified folder where you’ve extracted the Platform-tools.
  6. Press the Shift Key + Right-Click on an empty space and tap the Open PowerShell window here tab.
  7. Now, Enable USB Debugging on your Samsung Smartphone. You can check the above prerequisites if you don’t know the process!
  8. Connect the Samsung Smartphone with your PC using a working and compatible USB Cable.
  9. Finally, you must type the below command on the PowerShell window to verify the connected Samsung device – adb devices.
  10. For successful verification, You can look for the string of alphanumeric values on the PowerShell screen.
  11. If it’s there, copy the following code on your PowerShell window and press Enter – adb reboot bootloader.
  12. Finally, You’ll observe your Smartphone getting booted into Download Mode successfully.

3. Samsung Download Mode via Tool

The last method we’ve got here to boot the Samsung Devices into Download mode is through a third-party Download Mode tool. It’s the same PC process, where you won’t need to press any hardware key combination on your Samsung Smartphone.

It’s a tool named Samsung 300K Tool, and you can use it to boot any of your Samsung devices into Download mode with a single click. Just follow the below steps and get started:

  1. Firstly, you’ve to download the Samsung 300K file from the link.
  2. Now, you need to disable the Windows Defender and any third-party Antivirus software you’ve installed on your PC. The Samsung 300K Tool is a third-party app, and possibly the Antivirus won’t allow you to install it.
  3. Finally, Unzip the zipped Samsung 300K Tool to a specified folder.
  4. Enable the USB Debugging now on your Samsung device via the above prerequisite process.
  5. Open the Samsung 300K Tool.exe file by Double-Click it or Right-Click and Opening it as Administrator.
  6. Finally, you’ll observe a giant Resistance icon on this third-party application.
  7. Click this icon, and soon your Samsung device will get booted to the Download mode.

Ultimately, You’ve booted your Samsung Smartphone to the Download Mode and can now complete all those flashing processes you desired.

Happy Tweaking!

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