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Samsung Odin

Time to make possible all your impossible tweaks with the most recent version of Samsung Odin Flash Tool! Or download any of your desired versions from the download section.

Flash Stock ROM Custom Recovery Root Android Fix Boot loops Downgrade OS

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Welcome, all the techies to this most current website acquiring your favorite flashing tool named Samsung Odin. Yeah, It’s the one you need for flashing all those tangy Samsung Smartphones with any of your desired firmware. We’re offering you almost all the versions of Odin Flash Tool developed yet by the official Samsung.

You can download your desired version simply from the above links and start performing all your tasks, like Rooting smartphones, Installing Custom Recovery tools, and flashing Stock firmware. So let’s not dissipate our single more second and get pointedly toward the guide.

What is Odin Flash Tool

Before getting forward to the Odin Flash Tool, first, you need to know the meaning and the need of Flash Tools. So these Flash tools are the simplistic development protocols required installed on your Personal Computers and Laptops to Install stock ROM on your Android Smartphone.

In simple words, If you’ve bricked your phone or aspiring to upgrade or downgrade the firmware without OTA, Flash Tools can aid you! Likewise, the Samsung Odin Flash Tool is just one different Flash Tool developed by the official Samsung Developers to help all the Samsung Smartphone holders flash Stock ROMs and other firmware to their Samsung Android devices.

Again, this tool will only work on Samsung Smartphones, and you can use it for so many purposes, like unbricking bricked Samsung smartphones, flash firmware, Stock ROM, and Custom Recovery Firmware Image on your device.

odin flash tool

Samsung Odin Features

Being a simplistic flashing tool, Samsun Odin Tool offers a massive diversity of futuristic features that you won’t observe in most Flashing Tools. Furthermore, We also have listed some of their features below –

Flash Firmware

Flash Firmware

First things first! Odin Flash Tool offers you a convenient firmware flashing privilege so that you can flash firmware handily.

Install Custom Recovery

Custom Recovery

Custom Recovery is opposite to Stock firmware or the third-party recovery image, which you can flash through Odin Flash Tool.

Root Android

Root Android

Odin Flash Tool also assists all the Samsung Smartphone tenants to gain root access and enjoy all those exceptional privileges.

Downgrade OS

Downgrade OS

Have you got annoyed with some of the laggy points on your newly updated firmware? If yes, Use Odin Flash Tool, compatible with downgrading OS.

Fix Bootloop Issue

Bootloop Issue

Bootloop simply means that your smartphone is naturally getting switched on after shutting it down. If You’re facing the aforementioned, Odin Flash Tool can serve you with better help!

Force Upgrade Latest OS

Upgrade Latest OS

Don’t get annoyed with that old Samsung firmware for ages, and use the Odin Flash Tool to upgrade to the Latest OS without being launched for your device model.

Samsung Odin System Requirements

Operating SystemWindows 11, 10, 8, 8.1, 7, XP
DriversLatest Samsung USB Drivers
ToolsADB & Fastboot
PortsUSB 2.0 Port
AdditionalUSB Cable to Connect Samsung Phone to PC.

Download Latest Odin Flash Tool

samsung odin
File NameOdin 3.14.4
File Size5 MB
Supported Formats*.bin, *.tar & *tar.md5.
Compatible OSWindows 11, 10, 8, 8.1, 7, XP
Latest Release1 day ago
DeveloperSamsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

How to Install Odin Flash Tool on Windows

how to install odin flash tool

After acknowledging the complete information about Samsung Odin Tool and its features, You’re finally ready to install the Samsung Odin on your PC. First of all, Take a deep breath and escape all those voices saying it is a complex process since Installing Odin Flash Tool is as easy as installing any other PC software.

Let’s get on the steps needed to Install Samsung Odin Tool on your Windows PC – 

  1. Firstly, Download your desired version of Odin Flash Tool from the above download links. We’ll recommend you use the latest version, but you can also choose anyone at your convenience. 
  2. After downloading the Odin Tool zipped file, extract it to a specific folder using any extractor tool like WinZip and WinRAR. (It’d be the best idea to create a new folder named Odin on Desktop to extract these files.)
  3. Now, Open the same folder where you’ve unzipped the Samsung Odin zip file.
  4. Click on OK for the warning message you’ll get on opening this folder.
  5. As of now, you’ve installed the Latest Odin and can open it by running the (e.g. Odin3 v3.14.4.exe) tool as administrator.

In my opinion, Odin is the most simplistic tool to flash the Stock firmware on Samsung Android Smartphones. Apart from that, it also assists us in rooting the smartphone, installing the Custom Recovery Tool, and making all your desired tweaks. So to make the processes more convenient.

We’ve covered all the Uses of Odin Flash Tool below with the detailed process links and a slight preview. Must go through all of them and download Odin Tool ASAP to start tweaking!

Use Of Samsung Odin Tool

1. Flashing Stock Firmware on Samsung Smartphones

Firstly, the Odin tool is primarily designed to flash Stock and Custom Firmware on Samsung Android Smartphones. It’s a simplistic process where you’re required to install the Odin Flash Tool on your PC using the above method and download the Stock Firmware for your Samsung Smartphone, using the official or any legit website. 

After that, you’re required to connect your Samsung smartphone, open the Odin Tool, and fill in the redirecting location for the recently downloaded firmware .tar file on the AP and all other tabs.

Moreover, you can also visit the below link to acquire the step-to-step process for flashing Stock firmware on Samsung Smartphones.

2. Rooting Samsung Smartphone using Magisk or CF Auto Root

You can also gain root access on your Samsung Android device using the Samsung Odin Flash Tool, and here you’ll observe two different methods to root your Samsung Smartphone via Magisk Manager or via CF Auto Root.

If you want to enjoy all the Magisk modules on your device, you can start by unlocking the Bootloader, downloading Samsung Stock Firmware, and patching & flash AP .tar files via Samsung Odin Tool.

Besides that, you can also use the CF Auto Root process to root your smartphone more conveniently and enjoy all the after-root privileges. There, you’ll be required to download the CF Auto Root file and boot your smartphone in Fastboot to use Odin and Flash root files.

Choose any of your desired processes, and click the preferred link below to acquire the entire process walkthrough:

3. Nand Erasing and Re-partition Samsung Smartphone via Odin Tool

You must have heard the names of almost all the famous backup creating protocols, but mark my words; You won’t use anyone else after knowing about the Nandroid Backup.

It’s basically a kinda backup creating process, where you can create the backup of partitions of your device storage and start your device from the exact details you formatted. 

In simple words, this device will have the same app data, call logs, contacts, and data as the last stage. So if you want to utilize the Nand Erasing and Re-partition backup process, go through the below link and acknowledge the process efficiently:

4. Fixing Boot Loop on Samsung device Without Data Loss

Have you got annoyed by the Boot Loop problem on your Samsung Smartphone and applied all the possible steps without getting any results? If yes, then you need to try the Odin Flash Tool! Yeah, You heard right! 

You can also fix the Boot Loop on your Samsung device by using the Odin Tool, and the best thing here is that you won’t make any data loss during this convenient process.

So stop waiting, and go through the below link to know more about the Boot Loop fixing process:

5. Unbricking the Bricked Samsung Smartphone

I’ve gotten annoyed a lot with this barrier. Whenever I rooted or flashed any Custom ROM on my Samsung Smartphone while being careless with the process, I bricked my device.

But now, we’ve got the Samsung Odin Tool, which is embedded in an unbricking tool within it. So if you’ve any Samsung Android smartphone that you bricked while rooting, you can fix it using the Odin Tool and following the below link:

Important Notes

We’ve recently got lots of tweets and comments by colossal techies who have gotten stuck in between the process and bricked their smartphones or lost their entire data.

Now, even Samsung Manufacturers and developers aren’t able to get their data back for them. So we want you all the be careful about the below points or important notes before going to use Odin Flash Tool.

  • Create the entire backup of the data available inside your Samsung Android Smartphone, including contacts, photos, videos, call logs, and other important data before making any process in Odin Tool.
  • Keep your Samsung Smartphone at least 50-60% charged while tweaking it via Odin Flash Tool.
  • Fundamentally, the Odin Tool works on the fastboot mode, which can brick your smartphone for interruptions and switch-offs between the process.
  • We’ve mentioned the compatible smartphone with some of the methods in this article. So if you see that list, you must use the same devices as mentioned; otherwise, you will brick your device. The remaining processes with no list can work with any Samsung phone.
  • Enable all the developer options and install all those PC tools as mentioned on each method. 
  • Download the Samsung USB Drivers and install them on your PC before starting any Odin process with your Samsung smartphone.



What is the Odin flash tool?

Samsung Odin or Odin Flash Tool is a simplistic flashing tool that you can download from the above link and start doing many tweaks. It’s a multitasking tool known for performing tweaks, like Flashing Custom ROM, Gaining root access, getting rid of Bootloop error, upgrading firmware, etc.

What is the newest version of Odin?

Odin recently released the newest update named Samsung Odin v3.14.4 with the same tweak capabilities and fixed errors. Moreover, The overall process has also got optimized in this latest version of Odin Flash Tool.

Can Odin flash any phone?

Nope, Odin Tool is developed by the official Samsung developer community, and consequently, it only supports Samsung Android smartphones. So, please Don’t try it on any other smartphone; or otherwise, you can brick your smartphone.

Which version of Odin should I use?

There are 20+ versions of the Odin launch until today, but our recommendation is always for the latest version. Right now, the latest version launched is the Odin v3.14.4. Get the latest Samsung Odin to get rid of the complex and laggy processes and ride on an optimized flashing interface!

Why Odin is not detecting my phone?

There are not many reasons why Odin is not detecting your Samsung Android Smartphone. The first thing you need to look at here is your USB Cable, and afterward, you need to check for the driver updates. Your device wouldn’t get connected with the Odin Flash Tool until you haven’t installed the latest Samsung USB Drivers on your PC.

How do I use Samsung Odin mode?

It’s damn easy to reboot your Samsung Android Smartphone in Samsung Odin Mode. You’re required here to turn on your device in the Fastboot mode while being connected with your PC using a USB Cable. Moreover, You can search the process of restarting in the Fastboot method with the Keyword: Your smartphone model + Odin Mode!

Is Odin software free?

Yeah, Odin Flash Tool is open-source software, and no one can ask for money for this tool. You can download it from the above link, like any version of Odin Software, without paying us a single cent. Sounds cool, right?

Will Odin work without USB debugging?

Odin does not require USB debugging to be enabled on your Samsung Galaxy device. USB debugging only plays its role while the device is booted into the OS. So, USB debugging is not related to the Samsung Odin Tool and isn’t involved in the firmware flashing process.

Can you flash custom ROM with Odin?

Sadly, you cannot use Odin to flash custom ROMs. But fortunately, You can use Odin to flash custom binaries (like TWRP, patched Magisk AP/boot images, etc.) and open the gateways to get the required tools for flashing a custom ROM. But it cannot be used not flashable ZIP files like custom ROMs.

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